Traditional, tried and trusted.

The truth is that this is the cheapest of all the alternatives, however that doesn’t mean you won’t still get attractive and serviceable doors for your home. As result of excellent advances in design and manufacturing techniques, particularly over the last decade, UPVC patio doors can now offer plenty of benefits to enjoy. They’re also proving popular with homeowners around the UK who want to make the most of the modern trend for bringing the outside and inside closer together.

You might be concerned about the suitability of the UPVC patio doors compared to timber or aluminium frames. UPVC is essentially plastic, which is not known for its strength of course, so modern style UPVC sliding doors are now built with an integral steel frame with multiple locking points, adding to the overall robustness of the product and of course improving security.

Look and feel

When you think of UPVC it’s likely you see white plastic which, it’s true, is the most common choice for homeowners. However, increased demand for a greater choice has resulted in a host of alternative finishes, so much so that you could be forgiven for mistaking wood effect UPVC for timber frames these days, the standard is so good. So, take a look at the finishes available and see what might match your home. Don’t forget to consider the effect inside as well as out.

Keeping your UPVC patio doors looking their best

That’s easy! One of the big advantages of UPVC sliding doors is that they are so easy to look after. No painting or staining is required, just a wipe with a damp cloth and perhaps a clear of the track every so often in case any dust or debris has collected.

Other points to consider before choosing UPVC sliding doors

The attractive price tag is certainly important, but make sure you are choosing a style that suits your property. There’s nothing worse than UPVC that stands out for the wrong reasons – and there’s no need to either as there are now so many delightful options to choose from.

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