Natural elegance and luxury.

It’s hard to ignore one of the biggest reasons why so many people opt for beautifully made, timber patio doors: they look simply stunning! Timber is truly a masterpiece of nature and each door or window you install in your home will be completely unique thanks to subtle differences in grain and natural wood colour.

But putting their looks to one side, timber patio doors or bi-fold doors are also environmentally friendly, a big plus compared to other options. In fact, timber door and window products have a negative global warming potential (GWP). This means that over their lifetime, they actually reduce the amount of C02e in the atmosphere. Looked after properly, they outlast cheaper UPVC alternatives and give greater long term value.

While they may look like the ‘rustic’ choice, timber sliding doors can offer excellent energy performance and maximum comfort in your home. As a natural insulator, hardwood will ultimately help you reduce your energy costs over the longer term too.

Look and feel

There’s no doubt that timber sliding doors (and matching style windows) will do much to enhance the appearance of your home both inside and out. If you live in a period property, choosing hardwood can be an important design choice too. Why? Because it’s important to ensure that brand new sliding doors don’t look fundamentally ‘out of place’ with the rest of the building.

Keeping your hardwood patio doors looking their best

Maintenance is an important consideration as, done properly, it will add to the lifespan of your sliding doors and prolong your enjoyment for years to come. In a nutshell, timber framed doors and windows need weather treating every couple of years. This involves sanding and staining or painting with a decent product which can be done yourself or by a professional. It is worth mentioning though that some manufacturers offer pre-treated frames that are guaranteed for up to 10 years.

Other points to consider

If you’re on a budget you may find that cost is an issue when compared to some of the other options. However, it’s a long-term investment which can add real value to your home.

It’s important to get professional advice and quotes from more than one installer as you’ll be able to compare their prices and advice, enabling you to make your choice with all the facts. Send us an enquiry to get quotes from up to 3 installers in your area.

Other materials to consider